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As a Certified Childbirth Educator, Jenny has provided Childbirth Preparation to 250+ families. Through her role as a Birth Doula, she has worked with more than 40 birthing families in different birthing scenarios and outcomes. Jenny’s class is structured as a general Childbirth Preparation Class, with a focus placed on the clients’ individual birth wishes.

Jenny offers non-biased and evidence-based information to help the birthing mother and her birthing support team to make well-informed and confident choices.

Course Options & Structure

Jenny’s Childbirth Preparation Courses are fast-paced, information-packed, and interactive. Materials and teaching methods include handouts, discussions, a workbook, visual aids, scenario enactment, and self-study/homework. As part of the course, each couple is required to complete reading and activities before-hand in order to be best prepared for the in-person sessions. Further information/direction is provided once enrolled.

  • Childbirth Prep Basics (COUPLE’S COURSE): Designed to focus on one individual couple. This course is given in a 6-Hour format (over two sessions) in the couple’s home or other designated location.
  • Childbirth Prep Basics (GROUP COURSE):  Designed to focus on two to four couples learning at the same time. This course is given in an 8-Hour format (over three sessions) in one of the couple’s homes or other designated location.

Course Topics Covered

  • Body Mechanics – Anatomy and Conditioning
  • Stages of Labor and What to Expect for Each – Emotionally and Physiologically
  • Birth Plan/Wishes Guidance
  • Cesarean Birth (planned and unplanned)
  • Coping Techniques: Breathing, Massage, Medications,
    Relaxation and Visualizations
  • Communication Strategies Between the Laboring Mother (couple) and Healthcare Providers
  • Epidurals and Other Pain Management Options
  • Partner Preparation/Support
  • Medical/Obstetric Interventions and Options (for mother and newborn)
  • What to Bring to the Hospital or other Birthing Location
  • Postpartum Recovery and Early Parenting
  • Recommended Resources for Further Education and Preparation including Community Referrals

Fee and Payment Options

  • COUPLES COURSE FEE: $250.00 USD for a payment made via check or cash. If paying through PayPal, please add $10.00 USD to the total fee.
  • GROUP COURSE FEE: $225.00 USD for a payment made via check or cash. If paying through PayPal, please add $10.00 USD to the total fee.


If you live more than 15 miles away from zip code 94553, please add a $25.00 USD travel fee to the total fee.

To Enroll in a Childbirth Education Class:

  • Use the Contact Form to inquire with Jenny about current schedule openings.
  • In order to fully book a class, a contract will be emailed to you to sign and full payment must be received.
  • Jenny offers private prenatal classes in client’s homes. These classes are separate from the prenatal classes she contracts to teach for a local hospital system.
  • Jenny is also available to instruct group classes for employees of local business.

Additional Courses Available Soon: Newborn Care, Birth Plan Guidance, Birth Comfort Measures, Breastfeeding Basics, Preparing for a Cesarean Section…and more.

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