14 Apr

How big IS a newborn’s tummy?

newborn-stomach-smallCheck out this terrific visual graphic showing the size of a newborn’s stomach at birth, three days, one week and one month old! Seriously, this so wonderfully represents how tiny a newborn’s tummy really is, especially at birth. They do not need much breast milk to feel full…for about 45 minutes…and then it digests and they may want to eat again. In any case, don’t stress new moms! The majority of breastfeeding moms have plenty of milk to give their newborns. You can read more about breastfeeding tips and view the original source for this photo here.

06 Apr

FREE Doula Information Session: Sunday, April 26th at 7:00pm

Decoding Doulas: Birth Support for Every Expectant Mother

This open forum style workshop offers an opportunity for families to ask questions and learn about what a doula can do for you during childbirth. This is a learning session only. No selling, obligation or pressure whatsoever! Join Jenny Bare, of Bay Bee Birth Services for this FREE casual monthly 1-hour information session on:

Sunday, April 26th at 7:00pm at Yoga-Treat in Concord, CA.

Description: There is a lot to consider when having a baby, including who you wish to support you during your labor and birth. Numerous women and their partners find enormous reassurance and report a more positive birth outcome by having a doula (pronounced “doo-luh”) by their side. Did you know that many local healthcare providers are now recommending their patients seek out doula support? This session will cover the doula’s purpose and Scope of Practice, how doulas and dads/partners work together, general doula fee ranges, what the research says, common misconceptions, and helpful guidelines when making birth decisions. Finally, you’ll gain some tools to assist you in finding the right doula for you; including key interview tips and where to search in your area. Whether you’ve already considered hiring a doula for your child’s birth or if you’re simply curious, come check out this informative session. You may be surprised to learn that doulas are just as diverse as you are!

Location: I am super excited to be hosting this event at Yoga-Treat on the Concord/Walnut Creek border! They offer so many great classes (including childcare options) for families! The building is located behind Trader Joe’s. Yoga-Treat (In the Oak Grove Shopping Center Plaza) 2956 Treat Blvd, Suite B Concord, CA

RSVP’s for this event encouraged. To RSVP or for questions, please email baybeebirthservices@gmail.com or click here. Other children welcome. Partners encouraged to attend. We look forward to seeing you!

***Invite open to anyone who may be interested. Please feel free to forward.***

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