02 Mar

Now Sponsoring: Hilarie’s Helpful Hints

Bay Bee Birth Services is a new sponsor for Hilarie’s Helpful Hints and the featured March business!!! Hilarie and her team provide information about a wonderful array of activities for over 2,500 families and mom’s-to-be in the Greater Bay Area including infant massage, baby-and-me yoga, music classes, gymnastics, toddler cooking classes, day trips, ticket discounts, playdates and much more! Later this month, I’ll be hosting my first informational class about doulas. More information about that here! – Jenny

30 Dec

It Takes as Long as it Takes: How do Affirmations Help You?

affirmation_smaller‘It takes as long as it takes.’ Such simple, yet meaningful words to me. I repeat these words every day. Multiple times as day. They are my mantra, my affirmation, and my saving grace with having two young children. I was comforting my daughter, who unexpectedly woke up after sleeping for a mere 30-minutes tonight. I heard her cry out to me on the monitor and sighed. I had work to do. Immediately upon picking her up, she melted into me. Her breath so soft, her cheeks so warm, she found her comfort in me and I found mine in holding her. My work can wait…again. It takes as long as it takes to soothe her, to help her fall back asleep, for me to just be there. At nearly 14-months, she wakes up multiple times a night. I don’t count anymore. I don’t look at the clock. I just repeat my affirmation and reassure myself that I cannot rush this process of her growing up. Her mind and her body are figuring things out, too.

My older child, my son, slept in 45-minute increments the first four months of his life. I most certainly did not always have this patience…err, attempt at patience…with parenting. Let’s be real. I was a sleep-deprived zombie mom and it took nearly a year for me to get back into my groove after having him. Read More